Free stuff on the side of the road…

bike.pngDon’t get me wrong, I am grateful that I have abundance and can buy whatever I want, but don’t think for a minute I won’t drive by and pick up something free off the side of the road… especially things my children can use (like plastic slides, bicycles, kitchens, sleds, snow boards). And it’s because I believe in abundance that I will. I believe in recycling. It’s not because I can’t go buy it new, but in the larger scheme I now have decreased production of one more thing that will end up in a landfill. And when I am done, I leave it on the side of the road at my house for someone else. And every time someone takes it. It is like a recycling community. And if I have extra I drop it off at a local preschool in the inner city, especially bicycles I find. Children outgrow these things so fast and products are often like new. I even share clothes with friends, hand me up, hand me down. And because of this all of my children have a full closet of beautiful, like new clothes. Some bought, some recycled. I have NO SHAME in it. If more of us lived in this mindset our landfills would be less full, and more of us would understand the law of abundance. ‪#‎share‬ ‪#‎abundance‬ ‪#‎recycle #freestuff‬

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