A mother’s life is constant giving and sacrifice…

A mother’s life is constant giving and sacrifice, in the smallest, unseen, details in a day… She leaves the door open when she goes to bathroom so she doesn’t miss a sound, just in case. She showers with no privacy, constant interruption, and questions. She gives away her last piece of chocolate because she will be as satisfied sharing, making someone else happy. She loses an hour of sleep because someone crawls in her bed at the crack of dawn. She hangs up the call with the friend she misses terribly to change a diaper. She is the last to eat because she has to feed everyone else first. And, she stands up while eating because someone always needs a refill. She turns off her music to play something more appropriate. She goes outside instead of checking her email because someone wants to play on the swing set. She skips a needed night out because someone has a fever. She gives up her afternoon runs because soccer practice begins. She records her favorite TV show because she is too tired to watch it at night. She spends the last five dollars in her wallet to buy someone a snack, instead of her coffee. She cries at the emergency room, but not because she is the patient. She gives up her career to stay home and be a mother and doesn’t regret it once. She puts her dreams on hold because there just isn’t even time to think about them… and would never change where she is. One can never truly understand how much a mother gives of herself… until one becomes one… ©jodidee.com like/share

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