Setting up my dining room like a center based preschool may seem excessive…

Losing my dining room and setting it up like a center based preschool may seem excessive, but believe it or not, I am able to quietly make phone calls, meals, check emails, and even go to the bathroom alone! Daily I rotate toys and facilitate activities and learning, and still with my 7 year old when she is home from school. (I will explain how in future posts!) When my children were babies and toddlers the room provided a safe place to explore and be independent (without Mommy). And yes of course sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything or miss days… It may seem overwhelming or like more work but it actually grants me time to do things like writing this (today is a snow day and my children are playing store). I set up and facilitate an activity then let them play, and separate myself from them so I am not their source of entertainment (of course I am close by to meet a need, answer a question, and engage here and there). The room is a dedicated place for them, that is theirs, for learning, playing, and making a mess. A mother or the full time provider has the most influence. We have a wonderful opportunity to facilitate learning, beyond caretaking, before full time school and beyond…

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